69 North Mountain Blvd.
Mountaintop PA, 18707

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Tammy has lived in Northeast Pennsylvania for most of her life settling in Mountain Top to raise her two boys. She earned a degree in Art with a focus on illustration and visual design. Tammy opened a business in Dallas, Pa. which she operated for 15 years. Along with running her business, she also owned and managed multiple investment properties and worked as a home designer. 

 Tammy is passionate about her clients and knows the importance of having a satisfied customer. She will use her skills to help clients envision the potential in their home from both a Real Estate and design perspective. 

 As a member of the Luzerne County Association of Realtors and a member of the Century 21 family, Tammy will uphold the values of hard work, integrity and outstanding customer service. Whether a buyer, seller or investor she will be a trustworthy, patient friend who will work diligently to help you reach all of your Real Estate goals. 

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